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All Apache/ATuffy Rain Flys have a "Tie Down Loop or Hook" at each corner. Rain Flys on 2 & 3-Man tents have one Guy Line Gusset on each pole leg. Larger tents have two Gussets on each Pole Leg. Each Gusset has a top and bottom set of "Grippers" on the underside of the Fly. These "Grippers" wrap around the pole leg to provide a firm, "tenacious" anchor.

The "Grippers" not only provide a way to transfer the stress away from the fabric - to the pole structure. They also "tie the tent together".  With all the "Grippers" clamped to the pole structure, the Rain Fly becomes a structural part of the tent. This greatly improves the ability of the Apache/Atuffy Tent to withstand rough winds, and support heavy snow load.

A word frequently associated with the name "Apache" is "Tenacious". This same word can be used to describe the Apache/ATuffy Instant Tent. The combination of stake down tabs, tie down anchors, and guy line anchors makes the Apache/ATuffy Instant Tent one of the most "Tenacious" tents ever.

Except for the 2 - Man tent, there are additional "Tie-down Tabs” between corners on every tent. These are added anchor points around the tent. The larger tents have 20 to 22 anchor points for strength and stability. The smaller tents have 10 to 14 anchor points.

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